The best paragliding experience of your life

If you’re looking for a unique experience, paragliding is ideal because you’ll find out what it’s like to fly in the air; many of us want to feel the wind on our faces and see incredible scenery, an experience like this is never forgotten.
Paragliding is the best option, as it’s a glider with flexible wings that operates without a motor; it’s also very safe and allows you full control of the descent, giving you the feeling of flying like a bird. Read on and we’ll tell you where you can experience it.

Paragliding with the best
Paragliding is an incredible experience for which you don’t need any experience as you can fly with assistance; you need to fly with the best and most experienced pilots in order to feel completely safe while flying.
This is why we recommend Tenerife Top Paragliding, they are certified professionals with years of flying experience; they also have incredible plans at very low prices, just go to their website

Tenerife Top Paragliding will make your dream of flying come true.
Tenerife Top Paragliding has different flight plans and each one adapts to what you want to experience while flying; one of them is the falconer flight, the easiest of all the options you will find on their website.
As this activity takes place outdoors, its duration depends on the weather conditions of the day. For example, a falconry flight can last between 15 and 25 minutes; at 800 metres you can fly between mountains and canyons and land on La Enramada beach.
Best of all, you can book online and get a discount if you book through the Tenerife Top Paragliding website. You can easily book the flight you want by going to the website and selecting the “Flights” tab.
All available flights are displayed and you have the option to book or request a gift ticket that has no expiry date, so if you don’t have a date, it’s no problem, you can leave the field blank.
If you confirm your booking, the Tenerife Top Paragliding team will contact you within 48 hours to confirm your booking date. The service includes a transfer to the take-off point, an explanation of the process you will go through, the flight and the return to the take-off point.
The adrenaline, scenery and feeling of flying make those 15 or 25 minutes seem like an eternity. This is why those who have experienced paragliding always come back for a new experience.

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